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3 Ministries of Every Church Staff Member

Some churches view the staff as hired workers. If that is the case in your church, respect your leaders and don't blame any rebellious attitudes on what I am about to say about this. Other churches view the staff as interdependent creative thinkers and leaders. In the first case, the usual mentality is "anything you aren't doing for the church should be done 'off the clock'." In the second case, the mentality is "everything you do as ministry and mission benefits us as long …

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10 Quick Lessons for Every Church Staff Member

Today's staff meeting at Saddleback was a bit different from the norm at Saddleback Church. Pastor Tom Holladay shared from his heart 10 lessons he's learned from watching Glen Kreun over the past twenty years of ministry. Pastor Glen served as Executive Pastor of Saddleback for 27 years under Pastor Rick Warren's leadership. Over those years, he developed an amazing ability to both lead and to be led in ways that supported the miraculous growth of the church. Here are …

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The Primary Purpose of a Church Staff

Last weekend, I had the privilege of traveling across part of Texas with two associates, David Chrzan (Chief of Staff at Saddleback) and Dave Alford who is doing some preparation work for some big things to come related to church planting. I'm going to take a few days and blog some of the highlights - with whom we met and what we learned. …

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