The Three Things We Do Together As a Church

Brandon Church Planting

Grace Hills is a simple, purpose driven church. That means that we try to do what we’re told to do by Jesus, and little else. There is plenty of debate today about what a local church ought to lo like, with plenty of criticism directed at large churches, in particular, for pouring so many resources into the weekend worship service. …

Grace Hills Lobby

Grace Hills: A Growing Church for a Growing Community

Brandon Grace Hills

I’m in awe of God because He is God and because of all that I know to be true about Him from Scripture. And I’m humbled to be a part of what he is doing in the world today. I just got to share this brief update about Grace Hills Church via Mission:World Magazine. Will you read it and rejoice …

Grace Hills Church at Pinnacle Hills Promenade Malco Theater

Dear Grace Hills, We’re Making a Big, Bold Move

Brandon Grace Hills

Coming to (another) theater near you… Grace Hills Church! We’re moving from the Rogers Malco Town Cinema over to the Malco at Pinnacle Hills Promenade!! And our big opening is January 25, 2015!! Hey Grace Hills, we’re three years old! And during these three years, we’ve seen a lot of growth. We started with 30 people in an office and had …

Temple Baptist Church Sarnia New Roof

What to Do When Your Church Seems to Be Dying

Brandon Church Planting

No church leader I know wants to see another church close its doors. We need every local church, now than ever, if we’re going to fulfill the Great Commission as soon as possible. I’m a Baptist who still believes in the perpetuity of biblical, local New Testament churches until Jesus comes again. But each local church in history has …

Grace Hills' Second Service

When Things Get Real in a Church Plant

Brandon Grace Hills

A snapshot taken in our first official “second” service, 1/19/2014. I am humbled! Today marked the 2nd anniversary of our launch as Grace Hills Church. Today, we also launched a second morning worship service – something I’ll write about later. And today, we began a new teaching series called Healing: Recovering from Life’s Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups. We had a …