Napoleon Dynamite Likes Your Church's Social Media Skills

Why You’re Annoyed by Social Media Discussions

Brandon Communications

Just a note: This is one of those self-reflective, -to-myself-than-to-you posts. Come on. Die already – social media conferences, social media blogs, and conversations about social media conferences and blogs. Are you with me? (I actually enjoy conferences, but I’m trying to appeal to the side of you that’s a bit like me sometimes – overly saturated with this stuff.) …


What the Greatest Minds In Church Communications Know

Brandon Communications

Very little… in a good way. Last night, I sat in a big room at Saddleback where I was surrounded by geniuses in the field (speakers and panelists from Cultivate 2011 as we held three brief conversations about three different themes: How do we keep things simple? How do we keep things social? How do we make things viral? And …

Does Your Church Have a Good Communications Strategy?

Brandon Communications

Communications is what we do. It’s how we spread the gospel, disciple believers, and connect the disconnected in relationships with God and each other. We tell, shout, herald, preach, and evangelize the world. We communicate. Plenty of churches communicate well, at least in one aspect of communications. What we often lack, however, is a comprehensive and cohesive total church communications …