Sermon Video: When the Holidays Are Hard


The holidays aren’t always “happy” for everyone. We suffer from grief, depression, and stress, all of which can be magnified by the holiday season. While the party is going on outside, we find ourselves hiding inside caves of grief, anxiety, and loneliness. But God has a word for us in the cave. Listen in as Pastor Brandon Cox shares from Psalm 57 how to get through the holidays when things are difficult.

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Three Phases of Accepting a God-sized Opportunity

When I knew that God was calling me to serve in pastoral ministry for the rest of my life, I wrote a note in the margin of my Bible, “Called to Preach, March 1, 1995.” Seven months later, on October 1, I finally surrendered and said “yes” to His call. I had all kinds of reasons why God couldn’t possibly use a shy kid like me in a preaching role, but my excuses said more about my lack of faith in God’s ability than about my own lack of ability. But God was patient, as He always is, and decided to use me in spite of my reluctance.

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