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Does Rick Warren Endorse Chrislam?

Brandon Culture

No. Period. It’s a funny thing. Since we’ve announced that we’ll be planting a new church in cooperation with the new Saddleback Network and that Rick Warren has endorsed and sent us, I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the controversy over “chrislam.” I’m not going to link to any articles – Google tells the story, and it’s a sad …

Back to Real Purity

Brandon Family, Living

Another politician has fallen, along with another high-profile Pastor. Both stories come within weeks of each other. Adultery. The moral fabric of a home torn. Some marriages may survive it, though they’ll walk with a permanent limp. Others will never recover. Carnage will lie everywhere. Not nice to think about, is it? But we’ve got to face it head-on, especially …

Just Turn To Jesus, It’s That Simple

Brandon Living, Theology

Confession: Christianity is a mess! But that’s the tendency of religion isn’t it? We have too many denominations, too many moral failures among leaders, and too much quibbling over secondary issues. We argue about music styles, dress codes, and politics. Let’s admit it. And while we’re admitting, let’s admit that we’ve also messed up the message of the gospel. We …