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The Anatomy of An Effective Landing Page

Landing pages (or minisites) are one of the most effective ways to sell a single product. You might use social media, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing to drive traffic to your landing page, but the landing page itself is where the conversion happens... or doesn't, depending on how effectively you've designed it to be. I wanted to take the landing page of a great product, Build a Successful Blog Business, and examine it piece by piece to see why it's such an …

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Content Marketing Is the Marketing That Matters

Remember when Bubba was running through the list of potential shrimp dishes with Forest? Marketing could be handled the same way. Let's see, there's email marketing, attention marketing, social media marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, print marketing, traditional marketing, new media marketing, permission marketing... and on and on we go. Which one matters most for we who are blogging for income? Ultimately, content marketing matters the most. We need reliable hosting, a …

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