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Small Groups With Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities


There are, in every industry, certain books that serve as cornerstones - manuals of the trade, if you will. If you want to fix a car, you buy a Chilton's Guide. If you're working in any psychology-related field, you need a DSM-IV manual. And if you're in small group ministry, ministry leadership, or you simply …

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Every Pastor Should Read ‘Note to Self’

Note to Self by Joe Thorn

"Preaching it" is easier than living it. This creates significant problems when our speaking talent outweighs our personal character. Therefore, it is imperative that we, as shepherds, shepherd ourselves - that we hear the Word, do the Word, and preach to ourselves first. That's why I love Joe Thorn's book Note …

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Saying “Yes” and Saying “I Surrender”

Say Yes to God - Kay Warren

are pretty much the same when it comes to our life with God. I'm not sure why this thought didn't occur to me until I watched this video from Kay Warren... You can read more in Kay's book, Say Yes to God: A Call to Courageous Surrender. Jim Carrey made a movie called Yes Man in which he makes a …

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Is Money a god or a Gift?

Money: Gift or God?

Jamie Munson tackles that very question in his book, Money - God or Gift. Jamie's book is intended for use as a Bible study for either small groups or individuals. The really good side of the format is that Jamie gets right to the point in every chapter with a biblical principle and real life …

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Mini-Book Release: Using Twitter for Ministry

Twitter for Ministry

I've had this thought for a year now, I'd love to release a little book with some information on using Twitter for Ministry, but a hectic schedule has prevented me from doing so. But here it is - Twitter for Ministry. I recount the story of how Twitter has affected my own life and a few of the unique …

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Books for Depressed Dummies

Depression for Dummies

I don't mean to be insensitive, I promise, but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this workbook in a local bookstore. The subtitle should read, "Just in case you weren't depressed enough already, let us remind you just how dumb you are." The branding seems a bit... off. I mean, PHP/MySQL/Apache for …

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Attention: The Priceless Commodity of Marketing

Attention Marketing

I won a book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money!. It's a book about how to use attention-getting online marketing to increase your revenue, by Jim Kukral. I read it in a couple of hours and it held my attention throughout, which is a really good start for a book on this topic! Jim tells a pretty neat …

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All Your Pastor Wants for Christmas


Disclaimer: I don’t know your Pastor (probably) and so I can’t say for sure he wants any of these things, much less that he wants these things exclusively, but I thought I’d take a stab at saying here’s what, in my estimation, many Pastors would love to have… if you’re looking for ideas. A Kindle! I don’t …

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Finding Faith at the Top of Mount Everest

The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest's Death Zone

Last week, I read The Summit: Faith Beyond Everest's Death Zone and I must say, it was a cliffhanger! Eric Alexander took a team of people to the peak of Mount Everest, including a blind man. Then, I got to interview Eric about his book (you'll hear that when we launch the podcast soon), and I …

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When Love Comes to Town – Paul Louis Metzger on John's Gospel

Paul Louis Metzger on the Gospel of John

I've preached through the gospel of John a couple of times in my ministry, and each time, I bought more commentaries. The Book of John is pure profundity wrapped in simplicity. It's deeply complex and linguistically simple at the same time. Very few commentaries dive deeper than the simplicity of the text …

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