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I am a big believer that leaders must be readers. But you probably have the same problem I do – bos are calling my name than I have time to digest. Sometimes I need help in knowing which are the best, and sometimes I just wish for a summary. Either way, if you’re a leader, you need to subscribe …

The ONE Thing

My ONE Big Resolution. Yep, Just One.

Brandon Books, Living

Yep. Just one. I plan on eating better based on what I’m learning from reading The Daniel Plan. I also want to exercise and run. Those are probably typical. I also want to read through the Bible, pray , lead better, and date my wife like crazy, blog (almost) daily to help ministry leaders, etc., etc., ad infinitum. But… I’m …

The Abiding Church

The Abiding Church: Calling Church Leaders Back to Jesus

Brandon Books

When I first moved back to northwest Arkansas to plant a church, not everyone understood. Even quite a few church leaders wondered why the neighborhood needed another church. But Nate Sweeney embraced us and has encouraged us all along the way. I so appreciate his ministry in northwest Arkansas, and I’m excited about the release of his first bo, The Abiding …


I’m Taking the Plunge – I’m Writing a Book

Brandon Books, Living

I’m planting a new church, we’re expecting our third child, and I’m still working on building a global community of Pastors. May as well write a bo, too. I was recently approached by an Editor with Passio, the newest im of Charisma House Publishing. My good friend, Artie Davis, has just completed writing on his first bo, Craveable, with Passio …

Different Kind of Tribe

Small Group Ministry versus Leading a New Kind of Tribe

Brandon Leadership

Traditional small group ministry might seem like a leap ahead of the lecture-based classroom in terms of relationship-building, but the rate of change in our surrounding culture still far outpaces the rate of change within the church. Small group ministry is changing. Again. And Rick Howerton, one of the few guys I read religiously concerning group life has written an …