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6 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Read


The world is full of great leaders with great ideas who will remain somewhat unknown because they just don't know how to package their ideas for market. Since this is the age of blogging in which everyone is in the publishing business, it's imperative for anyone who wants to be a thought leader and influencer …

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The Basics of Blogging and Online Publishing


Blogging is such a weird word. We never used it until people started keeping "logs" on the "web" of their life called "weblog" and for some reason, we dropped the "we" and were left with the art of blogging. And in a sense, it has changed everything. How? Because now, everyone is a publisher. Every business, …

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Kent Shaffer’s Top 100 Church Blogs

Kent Shaffer's List of Top Church Blogs

Alright... Kent Shaffer keeps a list of top church blogs (theology, ministry, Christianity, etc.) and updates it now and then. It's an extremely valuable resource. I personally click through every one of them to make sure I'm familiar with them. If you're a "church" blogger or ministry leader, this would be a …

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The Best-Coded WordPress Blogging Theme… Ever!

Screen shot 2010-03-14 at 9.58.35 PM

If you're not familiar with the technical side of blogging, some of this may not make much sense, but I've just finished rolling out the newest re-design of this blog's theme. If you've been here before, you'll notice some differences. Most of the changes took place on the backend. This blog runs as a …

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Showcase: Tyson Foods Hunger Relief Blog Makes a Difference

In my other role as Editor of Fuel Your Blogging, I've recently begun a new series of articles highlighting some companies that "get" blogging and use it well. Today I posted about Tyson Foods' Hunger Relief Blog. Showcase: Tyson Foods Hunger Relief Blog Makes a Difference …

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Are You A Christian? We Should Know By Your Praying

One of my favorite blogs to read regularly (an online magazine for ministry, really) is the Shepherd's Fellowship, the online magazine of John MacArthur and the Master's Seminary faculty. Today, they have chosen to relay to us an old message from J. C. Ryle, a hero of the faith, who asks the question, Do You …

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Tips for Managing Multiple Blogs

My newest post at Fuel Your Blogging has just been posted, and it's intended for those of us who have this annoying habit of starting a whole lot of things at the same time - especially blogs! Tips for Managing Multiple Blogs And in case you hadn't noticed, I also launched a new blog for bloggers about …

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Mondays Are for Writing

My life tends to be divided up in half-day or day-at-a-time segments. Tuesday mornings are our food pantry giveaway at church, Wednesday afternoons are always a study hall, and Mondays are for writing. Let me share more about why and how... …

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John Maxwell – One of the World’s Greatest Leaders, Tells All!

Justin Williams and I attended the local leadership conference today, which is hosted by the ministry of John Maxwell's ministry. While there, some interesting and downright controversial things happened, all culminating in this provocative interview... …

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Pastor… Get Started Blogging

One of my online heroes is John Saddington. He's got one of those dream jobs doing tech and social media stuff for Andy Stanley and Northpoint Church. He's also started at least 23 blogs! One of my favorites of all belongs to John (aka, human3rror), Church Crunch. Today, John sends out this post on Ten …

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