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6 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Read


The world is full of great leaders with great ideas who will remain somewhat unknown because they just don't know how to package their ideas for market. Since this is the age of blogging in which everyone is in the publishing business, it's imperative for anyone who wants to be a thought leader and influencer …

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One Minute In the Life of the Internet

One Minute On the Internet

With all this data being created every minute of the day, how is the gospel being heard? What do we need to do to connect with people and share the story of Jesus in a way that gets attention and draws people to Jesus in the right way? Infographic by DOMO. …

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The Basics of Blogging and Online Publishing


Blogging is such a weird word. We never used it until people started keeping "logs" on the "web" of their life called "weblog" and for some reason, we dropped the "we" and were left with the art of blogging. And in a sense, it has changed everything. How? Because now, everyone is a publisher. Every business, …

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A Brief History of Blogging

Blogging is obviously close to my heart, but blogging is also a very misunderstood artform. Some see it merely as a journal, others as a gossip stream. I loved Cameron Chapman's brief history of blogging over at Web Designer Depot and wanted to pass it along for the education of my readers... …

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7 Business Skills You Need If You’re Blogging for Income

Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a business, so in addition to good writing and a basic grasp of technical things, you need a certain set of skills if you're ever going to earn an income from blogging. Consider what Richard Branson said about his own career in publishing: I wanted to be an editor or a journalist… but I soon found …

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10 Vital Questions for Diagnosing Your Blog's Health

Blogging has been around for a while now - over a decade depending on how you define blogging. But over that decade, blogging has evolved and changed by leaps and bounds. If you monitor the blogging industry, you'll notice that it's in a constant state of change as new tools and apps replace old ones and as new …

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16 Websites Every Social Media Enthusiast Should Know About

I received an email from a young guy who is eagerly hoping to jump into the realm of social media for marketing purposes. In my reply to him, I offered some of the links I would want to know about if I were just starting out and I wanted to pass these links along here for my readers. There are a diversity …

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Darren Rowse on 7 Emotions that Trigger Reader Action

As bloggers, many of us are interested in getting our readers active in different ways (commenting, linking to our posts, sharing them on Twitter, buying our products, and so on), so writing in a way that connects with readers’ emotions is something we might want to think about. Of course this is open to abuse …

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Thinking Beyond Blogging: The Future Of Digital Publishing

Will blogging continue to exist? Absolutely. And that is a great thing. I love great bloggers such as Tim Ferriss, Jonathan Fields, and Chris Guillebeau (although I would argue they are all digital publishers as they combine video, text, and more…but that is a whole other topic). But, the way I see it is sort …

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Let’s Talk About Life In Ministry

Life In Ministry

Introducing: Life In Ministry. is changing. Over the past few years, I've been blogging here about life, family, and ministry. I've also been blogging about design, creativity, media, and communications. It's become increasingly difficult to determine the proper balance between such …

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