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You Need to Know Danny Brown (@dannybrown)


There is plenty of talk about “authenticity” in social media leadership circles, but few people represent it the way Danny Brown does. I've been a student at his feet from a bit of a distance. We've never met or talked on the phone, but I read pretty much everything he writes and I hear what others say about him. He's held in high esteem in the marketing community and is responsible for the creation of the 12for12 Challenge and you can read up on all the charities he's passionate about.

Danny has challenged me to be real, to be effective, to be compassionate, and to utilize whatever influence God allows me to create positive change in the world around me. If you don't know Danny, you need to.


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I’m Deeply Honored to Be One of the 10 Drop-Dead Ugliest Bloggers!… I Think!

Nicholas Cardot is an awesome blogger. He even wrote a great book on blogging (aff link), and let me throw in a chapter. So when I saw this list, I was compelled to read. Stinkin’ hilarious!!

Of me, Nicholas said…

Brandon Cox: Brandon can’t throw a boomerang like most people because it always refused to come back to him. He has to sneak up on the mirror. Laboratory tests have shown his picture to be more effective for killing rats than the most expensive Rat poison on the market.

You must read the entire list at The Top 10 Drop-Dead Ugliest Bloggers in 2010.