How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Cindy Lou Who

Was the Grinch a Christian? Exposing the Real Grumps of Christmas

Brandon Culture

One of my favorite holiday movies is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, especially the new Jim Carrey version. Dr. Seuss invented a character that became so wildly popular, he’s now a cliche (i.e. “Don’t be such a grinch!”). Anyone who puts a damper on the holidays falls into the grinch category. As a Pastor, I’m immersed (often beyond my own comfort …

The Light of the Knowledge of God

Brandon Preaching

This article is based on a message from Matthew 2:1-12 from a series on the light of Christmas. I’m beginning to preach a series of Christmas-oriented messages at Bethel on the theme of Light. It will consist of three messages… The Light of the Knowledge of God. God wants for us to know Him, so He has revealed enough light …

Good Times Christmas Sermon Series

Christmas Sermon Series: GOOD TIMES

Brandon Preaching

Note: Yes! Feel free to use anything you find here. Permission granted! These are tough times in many respects, but for the believer, they are also really good times in terms of some of the great opportunities God has brought our way. With our entering the holiday season, approaching the celebration of the birth of Christ, I wanted to present …

Prepare for History’s Greatest News

Brandon Preaching

Christmas Sermon Series: God’s Christmas Messages to You, Part 4 Based on Luke 2:8-20 This is the fourth and final message in a series of Christmas messages based on the angelic appearances of the first Christmas. We’ve learned with Zechariah and Elizabeth to “prepare for the miraculous.” We’ve learned with Mary to “prepare to be God’s instrument.” We’ve learned with …

Sermon Brief: Prepare to Be God’s Instrument

Brandon Preaching

God’s Message to Mary: Prepare to Be God’s Instrument Sermon Series: God’s Christmas Messages to You Based on Luke 1:26-38, 46-56 A couple of years ago I attended a men’s retreat in Richwoods, Missouri and decided to go horseback riding. I got on a horse that had a mind of its own (and it was my first time). I did …