Christmas Sermon Series: GOOD TIMES

Good Times Christmas Sermon Series

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Good Times Christmas Sermon SeriesThese are tough times in many respects, but for the believer, they are also really good times in terms of some of the great opportunities God has brought our way. With our entering the holiday season, approaching the celebration of the birth of Christ, I wanted to present the really good news of Christmas in the midst of a world of scrooges. While most people are saying “Bah! Humbug!,” Christians ought to be saying, “Thank you God for being so good!”

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Prepare for History’s Greatest News

Christmas Sermon Series: God’s Christmas Messages to You, Part 4
Based on Luke 2:8-20

This is the fourth and final message in a series of Christmas messages based on the angelic appearances of the first Christmas. We’ve learned with Zechariah and Elizabeth to “prepare for the miraculous.” We’ve learned with Mary to “prepare to be God’s instrument.” We’ve learned with Joseph to “prepare to meet the Savior.” Today, we learn with the shepherds to “prepare for history’s greatest news.”

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