The Savior-Sensitive, Seeker-Sensitive Church


CrossIn 1975, Bill Hybels assumed the leadership of a fledgling church plant that would grow into the rather influential Willow Creek Community Church. Under Bill’s leadership, the church pioneered many concepts in the seeker-sensitive strain of worship and ministry. In 1997, Bill and his wife, Lynne, co-wrote Rediscovering Church, an inside look at how the church grew from 100 to 15,000 in weekend attendance.

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The Great Adventure of Prayer

We’re beginning a new Wednesday night Bible study series on prayer and it’s based on the book by David Jeremiah, Prayer, the Great Adventure. We’ve been talking a lot about the theme of “Search & Rescue” as the missional focus of our church in a lost culture, and prayer is the power-giving foundation of being missional, so we’re going to use our midweek adult Bible studies to strengthen this area of our church family’s life.

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