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The Word Comes with Great Power


I've read plenty of power books before. I've read books that made me laugh, cry, and think for days. But the Bible is on a level all by itself. It changes minds, hearts, and lives and alters destinies. How? The Bible reveals its own secret. For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you, because …

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In a Culture War, There Can Be No Truce Nor Victory, So…

Angry Face

Hobby Lobby went to court. World Vision changed its hiring policy. Then they changed it back. The President visited the Pope. It's been a big week - not for the kingdom, but for western evangelicalism. And it hasn't been pretty. The church is called, in Scripture, the "pillar and ground of truth," so I …

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The Truth of the Bible Still Matters, and It Always Will


The Bible is literally true. If I just lost you, that's okay. I get that this may come across as a weird statement to anyone reading who is 1) not a Christian, 2) a new Christian, or 3) a "progressive" Christian who disagrees. And it's downright laughable to the skeptic who denies it on scientific or …

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Jesus Is a Treasure to Be Discovered

Sylvester is Homeless

I still remember digging around in a treasure chest full of sand at the Browning Fair. I felt something like a rock and pulled it out - it was gold! Actually, it was a rock, spray-painted to look like gold. I traded it for a cheap plastic fire helmet which was probably the greater treasure to a little boy …

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God Has Spoken For Your Good

The Bible wasn't written merely to give us information about God, but to offer us life transformation as we discover its truth. God has spoken for your good. Paul said it this way... All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of …

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The Sword of the Spirit


If you know Jesus, you are equipped with everything you could possibly need for the battles you will face in this life. We've spent the last few days walking through Ephesians 6 - the "armor of God" passage, and each piece of armor has served a protective purpose. There is only one weapon mentioned. Paul …

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What the Church Needs Now Is Roots. Deep Roots

The Bible

I want the church - your church and my church - to grow. I'm encouraged when I see the church effectively demonstrating the love of God and communicating the good news of Jesus to a culture with an ever-evolving language. I'm concerned when I see the church struggling to connect with people who are far from …

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Why Bible Gateway Is My Favorite Bible App

Bible Gateway iPhone App

I feel almost as if I'm being unfaithful to YouVersion because I love the mission and mindset of the guys behind it. It's an incredibly powerful, community-centric Bible tool, but I have to lean toward Bible Gateway being my favorite at the moment. Here's why: Parallel Columns I don't know of many Bible …

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8 Year Old Mary Margaret Tells the Story of Jonah

via Wow. She did this in church too, before a live audience. …

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8 Reasons to Love YouVersion


YouVersion is awesome. I love old leather Bibles, as you can probably tell by the design of this blog. And I love Bibles with paper in them - the kind you can jot notes in, underline verses, and pass on to the kids. I've filled several with notations and outlines. So I've been fighting the urge to dive into …

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