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You Need to Know Balthasar Hubmaier

Balthasar Hubmaier

Baptists sometimes miss out on great ancient resources found in some great theologians and leaders of the past who probably impacted our theology as much or more than the Reformers, but the Reformers get all the kudos. Take, for example, Balthasar Hubmaier, an early anabaptist leader. (It's not capitalized …

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Happy First Birthday, Grace Hills!

Cold Baptism

Northwest Arkansas is a fantastic place to call home, and thousands of people are calling it home for the first time, many of whom don't have a relationship with Jesus. So a year ago, Grace Hills Church launched publicly to reach people far from God. In that first year, thirty people went public with their …

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The Priceless Privilege of Baptizing My Daughter

Rather than writing a lengthy post about this huge moment in my daughter's life (and mine and Angie's as well), I thought I'd just let you watch the video and hear my comments. I'm quite thankful that family and friends at a distance can enjoy this video. Two things to notice. On her way down the steps, she …

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Three Years And Counting!

I love being the Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church. This past Sunday marked three years that my family and I have been serving here and as I said from the pulpit last night, God has blessed us so far beyond what we deserve! We've come to love and know the people here and we've built a trust-relationship with …

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An Awesome Sunday

I just wanted to praise God for an awesome Sunday! Camp had such an impact on me that I wanted to challenge our people to line up behind me as I repented of small-mindedness, self-centeredness, and short-sightedness. I want to have the mind of Jesus and see people as He sees them - in need of Him, in need of …

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