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Don’t Believe the Rumors [Audio]

Don't Believe the Rumors

Pastor, you will always have critics, and you will always have fans. At the end of the day, you need to have the guts to believe neither, but rather to allow your affirmation to flow only from the truth God has declared about you in His Word. …

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Think Bigger


You know what my problem is? I think too small. Every time I expect big things from God, He surprises me with more, which is both a delight as well as a shame. I need to think bigger! In a recent ten-minute message I gave at a church planting assessment, I address this very issue of thinking past today, past …

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7 Tips for Making Your Podcasts Shine

Know Your Competition Are there a large number of other people Podcasting about the same subject matter as you? You should be aware of your competition’s websites and their Podcasting topics. Try to offer something different. Offer your customers something that is relevant, interesting and unique or that puts …

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You Create the Culture of Your Leadership Environment

I threw out a few thoughts this morning and captured them on my iphone concerning the culture of your leadership environment. We can't always control which tasks we're going to be facing as a team, but we can determine ahead of time the prevailing attitudes. This is a matter of creating the right leadership …

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Igniter Media Relaunches with a Sweet Design!

Igniter Media

Igniter media is a provider of video, audio, and other media and content for churches. They produce some excellent material for sermon illustrations, countdowns, and all kinds of other great stuff, such as this... They've just relaunched their site with a sweet new …

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