7 Tips for Making Your Podcasts Shine

Ipod PodcastKnow Your Competition

Are there a large number of other people Podcasting about the same subject matter as you? You should be aware of your competition’s websites and their Podcasting topics. Try to offer something different. Offer your customers something that is relevant, interesting and unique or that puts a unique spin on a familiar topic. Use Podcasting directories to find out who your competitors are.

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You Create the Culture of Your Leadership Environment

I threw out a few thoughts this morning and captured them on my iphone concerning the culture of your leadership environment. We can’t always control which tasks we’re going to be facing as a team, but we can determine ahead of time the prevailing attitudes. This is a matter of creating the right leadership culture. Listen in…

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Audio of Men’s Bible Study on Discipleship

I recently posted some thoughts about what discipleship looks like and that article was really the product of a recent men’s Bible study at Bethel. Every Tuesday a bunch of men get up and get to church by 6:15 a.m. for a pre-workday Bible study.

We opened the year with an open discussion about the meaning of discipleship and I found it highly encouraging. I wanted to pass along the audio in case you’d missed it, are interested in coming, or just need some inspiration about discipleship and men.

[audio:http://www.bethelbentonville.com/wp-content/uploads/2010-01-19%20Mens%20Bible%20Study%20on%20Discipleship.mp3|titles=Men's Bible Study on Discipleship|artists=Brandon Cox]

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