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Why Bible Gateway Is My Favorite Bible App

Brandon Preaching

I feel almost as if I’m being unfaithful to YouVersion because I the mission and mindset of the guys behind it. It’s an incredibly powerful, community-centric Bible tool, but I have to lean toward Bible Gateway being my favorite at the moment. Here’s why: Parallel Columns I don’t know of many Bible software tools, even desktop tools, that accomplish …

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Mining Your Social Web Relationships

Brandon Communications

I’ve just written a post over at Fuel Your Blogging about some tools for ing into your social networking relationships. In that post, I talk briefly about how I believe we’re in the adolescence period of the internet. We’re still focused on the “cool” factor of the tools we use, but some of the tools available now are helping us …

My Favorite Social Media Tools

Brandon Communications

I’m writing this post “in the moment.” That is, I want to articulate these things, but my own social media habits change with the wind, which is how I’ve stumbled onto these things to begin with. Many are already familiar to most people who will be reading my blog, but I wanted to share my own perspective on these things.