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My Personal Reflections on 2013

In 2013, God was good. But that’s true every year, isn’t it? His good character never changes. Ever.

But life changes for us, and it changes in our world. And through that constant condition of change, God’s goodness carries us. I’m reflecting this morning on how our world has changed and how my life has changed in the last year, and it’s been a BIG year! Let me celebrate a few things…

DrewWe had a baby.

And he’s precious. I don’t mean to brag but… well, okay I DO mean to brag… Drew is probably the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. He smiles and laughs and lights up a room with his happy eyes. He goes days without crying, loves people, and has a contagious belly laugh that infects others with joy.

We have two other children who are awesome. Ella is smart, sweet, and loves Jesus. She tells everyone about her faith and her church and she’s growing up into a godly young woman! She’s the daughter of my dreams. Sam is, well, Sam. He’s cool, sweet, and funny. He’s hyper, dangerous, and wild. He’s all “boy.”

We finally got married.

Okay, that subheading was for shock purposes. We’ve been married 16 years and I think we’ve hit a stride and grown this past year in ways that make me feel like a newlywed. Angie is the love of my life. As I wrote in the dedication page of my new book, Angie is the love of my life, whom God has used to re-wire me in all the right ways.

Our marriage has gone through a lot of maturing. There were moments when Angie would say that “we’re in the fight of our lives.” We both saw that season as both the best and the hardest period of our lives as a couple. And in God’s grace, we’ve found a stride.

I adore my wife. And in 2013, I fell harder in love with her than ever. I feel as if I married her all over again. And if I could, I would!

We’ve continued planting a church.

We’re life-ers. In other words, we’ve been planting Grace Hills with the intention of retiring or dying while serving northwest Arkansas. So it’s time to officially announce my retirement!… tentatively effective in the summer of 2042.

In the last year, we’ve added Meredith (who leads our Kids’ ministry), Jorge (who leads in outreach and local missions), and Angie (who directs our operations and recovery ministry plans) to our staff along with Michael (who will be leaving in the summer to plant a Grace Hills daughter church). We’ve also witnessed the re-birth of a student ministry under Brian and Melissa, served hundreds of hours with local organizations, baptized a dozen new believers, and sent fifteen people to Honduras. And from leading the Honduras trip to being a really, really good friend, Neil continues to bless my soul! His co-leadership at Grace Hills is pretty cool to watch. He sings and plays, yes, but he personally disciples and leads too.

Though I’ll write more about 2014 elsewhere, I’ll just mention that in the upcoming year, we are launching a second weekend service, sending two families off to Papau New Guinea and another out in our region to plant churches, and officially beginning a Celebrate Recovery ministry.

I’ve written a book.

I was approached by Jevon, a talented Editor with Charisma House, asking if I would consider writing a book under their Passio label, which markets to young, creative types. I began and completed the marathon of book-writing and finished Rewired, which is set to release on February 4, 2014. You can read more about the book here.

I’ve met and ministered to church leaders.

In 2013, Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox grew by about 7,000 subscribers and’s traffic and reach soared. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. What’s really thrilling is what happens behind-the-scenes as Pastors are connected to other Pastors and people are helped.

Every day, I email new subscribers asking where they serve, what they’re passionate about, and how we can serve them. Out of those emails, we’ve helped church leaders break growth barriers, deal with depression and burnout, solve problems and crises in their churches, and reach more people for Jesus.

I’ve grown.

Writing a book, editing a website, and preaching sermons is the stuff I think about in terms of accomplishments. But the bigger story is that 2013 was a year of tremendous personal growth in my life. I discovered victory over some long-term struggles, came to see myself as a broken man in need of rescue and recovery, and re-discovered what intimacy with Jesus looks like all over again.

Has it been a good year? It depends on who you ask. It’s been a tough year for those who have lost jobs, lost loved ones, and lost their freedom in various parts of the world. It’s been a horrific year for those enduring persecution and genocide, for those who have remained in slavery and bondage, either literal or spiritual. And I suppose it’s been a good year for those who have made a buck, built a career, grown a family, etc.

I’m hesitant to call it a “good year.” What I will say, unequivocally, is that in the year 2013, God was very, very good. And I’m fully expecting Him to keep it up… forever.

If you don’t know Jesus, or if you don’t know if you know Jesus or not, please, please, reach out to me. I can’t promise you a good year, and God doesn’t do so either. I can, however, promise you that God is good. You can trust Him!

Wife In Ministry Gets A Unique Design

Every designer struggles from the same phenomenon. As much as we stress over pleasing clients, we find it even more challenging to please ourselves. We are our own worst critics. But I’ll add that designing for our spouse probably tops the list. If there is anyone I want to make happy (and whom I believe deserves a sweetly designed blog), it’s my awesome wife, Angie.

So we’ve just re-designed her blog to be a bit more… Angie. I think she has ultimately struck a pretty neat and unique balance between “feminine” and “cool.” It’s slightly retro, a little crafty, and honors basic principles of typographical hierarchy. Introducing Angie’s blog, Wife In Ministry!

Wife In Ministry Screenshot

Visit Wife In Ministry

You can also find Angie on Twitter or subscribe to her RSS Feed.

Note: No husbands were harmed in the making of this website.

Me!! I Found One!!

Angie and Brandon

It’s ancient Hebrew poetry, and it’s found in the midst of wisdom literature. So if you understand the biblical context of Proverbs 31:10, it makes sense as a rhetorical question. “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies.”

As Solomon recounts the advice of his mother to him about finding the ideal woman, she concludes that the ideal woman can’t be found. But the purpose is not to say that no women are virtuous, but rather to make a point: virtuous people are rare. They shouldn’t be, but they are. And if you find one, you’ve found someone of great worth to her world.

I once wrote about this passage that the woman in the passage didn’t exist, and that no woman should have to live up to some of the sermons we’ve preached from these verses. I’ve always thought it was funny how male Pastors stand in pulpits on Mother’s Day and call upon women to live up to this lofty standard of womanhood. I don’t know about the rest of my brethren, but I’ve given up on trying to be an expert on womanhood.

Here is what I do know – I married a virtuous woman.

Most of the people reading this blog post won’t understand. You won’t get it. You’ll think I’m writing this because that’s what you’re supposed to do on Valentine’s Day – blog about your sweetheart. But I’ve done a lot of reflecting on this. God gave me the priceless gift of a virtuous wife.

He gave me a wife who, in a sense, puts me to shame, takes me to school, and outshines me! I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean that in all the ways I’ve failed her, I have ultimately failed to deserve one who has been so good, so faithful, and so loving toward me.

I’m madly in love with Angie Cox. I want to chase her and make her mine each day. I don’t always live up to those words. Some days I’m in a bad mood, I’m selfish, or I’m thoughtless and insensitive, so she suffers. But when I’m in my right mind, when I come to my senses, I know her worth is far above rubies. She’s worthy of a chase. She’s worthy of pursuit.

Angie, I so appreciate you. I’m so proud of you. I’m so grateful you’re here in my life. You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made in me. And I think you’re wonderful. You’re beautiful. You’re full of class. You’re a delight from the smile you wear to the flowers you put in your hair. I love your laugh. I love the way you love our kids. I love the way you help to keep me in line, which is at times an enormous job.

I read a statistic this morning. 80% of men, if given the opportunity to choose again, would still choose to marry their present wife. How sad that it isn’t 100%. I can’t imagine anybody else at my side.

Angie, you’re awesome, and I love you. And I’m so glad that every time I ask “will you be my Valentine,” you still say yes… so far.

Who can find a virtuous woman?… Me!! I found one!!

Reasons I’m Thankful for My Wife

Brandon and AngieToday is the day before Thanksgiving. In years past, I’ve gotten to spend this day with my family, either in the car traveling, or with extended family. I miss that today! I’m sitting in my office at Saddleback, which I enjoy, but not nearly as much as being with Angie. Let me tell you why…

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My Wife Is the Cool One

My wife is the better half of us, for sure. Being a teaching Pastor and active blogger, I tend to make a lot of connections with people. My voice is heard from the pulpit or in print and therefore, attention comes my way whether I’m comfortable with it or not. But what people may or may not realize is that I’m not the cool one in our house – my wife is!

  • Angie has compassion for people whom I overlook.
  • She hears the voice of truth under pressure when I get stressed out.
  • Angie handles 3 a.m. feedings while I snore.
  • She’s made friends while I’ve been the wallflower at times.
  • She’s steady – I never have to question her integrity.
  • She balances everyone’s schedules and concerns while I handle my own… sometimes.
  • She’s smart. She’s smarter than me, but I try to deny it when she’s right about something… which is often.
  • She’s beautiful. She has a sense of style that not only makes her pretty, but saves my neck from fashion faux pas at times too.
  • She stops me from making impulse buys, but encouraged me to get a Mac, and an iphone!
  • She puts up with me, and while that sounds like a funny thing people say, for me it’s serious. She puts up with me.

My wife is definitely the cool one!