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My Personal Reflections on 2013


In 2013, God was good. But that's true every year, isn't it? His good character never changes. Ever. But life changes for us, and it changes in our world. And through that constant condition of change, God's goodness carries us. I'm reflecting this morning on how our world has …

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Wife In Ministry Gets A Unique Design

Wife In Ministry Screenshot

Every designer struggles from the same phenomenon. As much as we stress over pleasing clients, we find it even more challenging to please ourselves. We are our own worst critics. But I'll add that designing for our spouse probably tops the list. If there is anyone I want to make …

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Me!! I Found One!!

Angie and Brandon

It's ancient Hebrew poetry, and it's found in the midst of wisdom literature. So if you understand the biblical context of Proverbs 31:10, it makes sense as a rhetorical question. "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies." As Solomon recounts the …

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Reasons I’m Thankful for My Wife

Brandon and Angie

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. In years past, I've gotten to spend this day with my family, either in the car traveling, or with extended family. I miss that today! I'm sitting in my office at Saddleback, which I enjoy, but not nearly as much as being with Angie. Let me …

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My Wife Is the Cool One

My wife is the better half of us, for sure. Being a teaching Pastor and active blogger, I tend to make a lot of connections with people. My voice is heard from the pulpit or in print and therefore, attention comes my way whether I'm comfortable with it or not. But what people may …

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Samuel David Cox Is Here

Samuel was born at 7:39 this morning weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Here's a slideshow of Flickr photos... …

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Our Nine-Month Journey To Samuel

Samuel David In the Beginning

That picture is of Samuel David, five days from fertilization. I'm writing this about twelve hours before we find ourselves at the hospital for a scheduled c-section. We're here. There was a time when we really wondered if we'd be here. …

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Today, We Take a Little Leap

Jumping Squirrel

I'm writing this brief note just a couple of hours before my wife gets home... from work... for the last time (at least for a really, really long time). We've never done this before. She's going to stay at home. She's a little excited and a little nervous. I'm pretty happy about …

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Announcing the Name of Our Son

Our baby boy is due in April of 2010. That's a miraculous thing for which we are very thankful to God. It's been a long journey and we've prayed for a long, long time for this second child. We're officially naming him Samuel David and you must read my wife's post about how we …

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My Wife on What the Lord Has Done In Our Lives

I admire my wife's ability to write about matters of the heart, and deeper matters about our lives. I've been limited in my writing about our struggle with infertility (which has ended now), but she's put it quite well over at her blog, The Sweet Life. Read on... What the Lord …

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