In the Ring, Never Give Up

My wife is so much smarter than me, especially when it comes to relational and emotional issues. She joined me for this message and we shared some pieces of our own marriage struggle as we taught biblical truth about how to stay married for the long haul.
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Yes, You Are Married to the Right Person

Marriage is an adventure filled with up’s and down’s, unexpected changes, new opportunities, and challenges of all shapes and sizes. Most couples get into marriage with the expectation that their spouse will never change. We think the guy or girl who made promises to us on our wedding day will not only be faithful to...
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18 Lessons from 18 Years of Marriage

On June 14, 1997, I married Angie Kirk, the most amazing woman on earth! The last eighteen years have been an adventure. We left home to go to college together and got engaged a little over a month into our freshmen year. That next spring I started pastoring a small church and Angie went back...
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Brandon and Angie

Reasons I’m Thankful for My Wife

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. In years past, I’ve gotten to spend this day with my family, either in the car traveling, or with extended family. I miss that today! I’m sitting in my office at Saddleback, which I enjoy, but not nearly as much as being with Angie. Let me tell you why…
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I’m Proud of My Wife, Angie Cox, LCSW

My wife has spent the last few weeks in front of a computer cramming for a major exam to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (I think that’s what it stands for). Today, we drove to Fort Smith where she took the test… and passed! What does this mean? Well… you’d have to ask her,...
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