Yes, You Are Married to the Right Person

Brandon Family

Marriage is an adventure filled with up’s and down’s, unexpected changes, new opportunities, and challenges of all shapes and sizes. Most couples get into marriage with the expectation that their spouse will never change. We think the guy or girl who made promises to us on our wedding day will not only be faithful to us, but faithful to remain …


My Personal Reflections on 2013

Brandon Living

In 2013, God was good. But that’s true every year, isn’t it? His good character never changes. Ever. But life changes for us, and it changes in our world. And through that constant condition of change, God’s goodness carries us. I’m reflecting this morning on how our world has changed and how my life has changed in the last year, …

Wife In Ministry Screenshot

Wife In Ministry Gets A Unique Design

Brandon Communications

Every designer struggles from the same phenomenon. As much as we stress over pleasing clients, we find it even challenging to please ourselves. We are our own worst critics. But I’ll add that designing for our spouse probably tops the list. If there is anyone I want to make happy (and whom I believe deserves a sweetly designed blog), …