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Harsh Realities Facing Today’s Church

Brandon Leadership

About 100,000 churches will be dead in a decade and a half. That’s somewhere around one fourth of the churches that exist in America today. Personally, I don’t believe “the church” is dying, but the overall health of the church in America will be drastically hindered by the disappearance of so many local bodies. Thom Rainer agrees, and I think …

Why I’m Moved by the Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Brandon Culture

I’ll be brief. I’m moved… I’m moved by Rick Warren’s prayer. It was nice to hear him pray the entire mo prayer and to call for civility when differing, which indeed allows for differing. I’m moved by the election of America’s first African-American president. That’s significant. I’m moved by what his election says about the sanctity of life. What? Well, …