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Kent Shaffer’s Top 100 Church Blogs

Alright… Kent Shaffer keeps a list of top church blogs (theology, ministry, Christianity, etc.) and updates it now and then. It’s an extremely valuable resource. I personally click through every one of them to make sure I’m familiar with them. If you’re a “church” blogger or ministry leader, this would be a good exercise for you too.

Nope, I’m not in it. Now…

  • I’m in the top 50 at PostRank (#19 today)
  • I have a Google Pagerank of 5
  • I have 88,000+ Yahoo inlinks
  • I’m on Alltop
  • I have an Alexa rank of 403,370
  • and a Compete traffic number of 97,472

But am I bitter that I was left out? Noooooo… of course not!! I’m just glad the other 141 cool people made the list! The last shall be first, right?


Kent has great insight into what’s happening in Christianity and culture. You should definitely bookmark his list.

Kent Shaffer's List of Top Church Blogs

Did I mention I’m the #2 result in Google when you search for “pastor blog” and #4 for “pastors blog?” Just sayin’…