An Artist In the Making


ella-creativeElla has finished the first grade. Hmm… strange since she was just born a few days ago! Or at least it seems that way. The past day or two, perhaps with the commencement of summer, I’ve reflected a lot on the amazing process God is allowing me to behold – the growth and development of my daughter. She’s an artist in the making.

No, I don’t mean she’s going to grow up to paint, draw, sculpt, design, or write. I don’t have any idea what direction God will take her, but I do know she’ll be an artist, nonetheless. This picture was one of her final works before getting out of the first grade. It’s part of a larger body of work attributed to the rising star that is Ella. Wherever she goes, whatever she does in the long run, she’s going to do it all artistically and creatively.

Yesterday, it seems, we were wrapping her up like a burrito in a hospital blanket and cleaning precious spit-up off of all of her clothes. Now she picks out her own clothes. Now we have daddy-daughter dates to see Disney movies at the theater. Now she’s learning to drive around the neighborhood… ah, kidding. That’ won’t happen for a few more decades, right?

Here’s a thought that has hit me a thousand times over in the last few years. Our awesome Creator shapes us in the womb and presents us to the world. Every little baby, from the moment of conception, is an artistic wonder, individually unique and special to God. From birth onward, we’re creating art to the glory of our Creator. We sing to Him. We lead for Him. We speak, play, dance, paint, and work for Him. He is the ultimate artist, and what a privilege it is to honor Him.

It’s summer. Schedules are crazy. Pools are open. Trips are planned. And it will all fly by like the last one and she’ll be off again to the second grade. And though I want it all to slow down, I also can’t wait to see what she creates next!

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