Where do generals keep their armies? In their sleevies, of course! General is that category where I stick things that don’t seem to fit in anywhere else. These articles are no less important, they’re just more off beat.

7 Realities of Knowing and Doing God’s Will

It’s possible to know and to do God’s will. Consistently. A couple of decades ago, the church I was leading walked through the Experiencing God study, and it changed my life. I began to understand that God was more than a subject to be studied but rather a personal, relational God who wanted me to know...
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It’s Election Day, and Principles Matter

I don’t like heights. I’m not a fan of wasps either. But probably my biggest fear is being caught in the middle of a big crowd of scared, irrational people who are about to stampede over one another. And that, on this election day, is how I feel. Like a lemming questioning our collective direction....
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3-Minute Message: Learning to Listen

The Bible offers a solution for our communication issues, and it’s pretty simple. Listen…
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Getting In the Ring – Three Big Truths About Marriage

The whole idea of “marriage” is tough today. The odds are stacked against us. We follow a generation that really struggled to stay married. We live in a generation that has lost the definition of marriage. Is it possible to recovery God’s ideal for marriage? Of course! But, only as we discover and dive deeper...
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How to Implement a Discipleship Process for a Healthy Church

We are sent, on mission, to make disciples. It is for making more and stronger disciples that the church exists. So… what’s your process for making them? There are two significant weaknesses common to struggling churches. They’ve never discovered or clarified the biblical purposes for which they were founded. They’ve never clarified or pursued a basic strategy for...
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5 Questions to Ask When You Think You’ve Heard from God

Discernment. I have a love-hate relationship with that word. On the one hand, some Christians use discernment as an excuse to go on a witch hunt, disqualifying as many leading voices as possible and labeling people “false teachers” at the drop of a hat. Entire ministries are built on this kind of paranoia, and it’s a...
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