How O’Malley Became a Very Good Father

I’m a Pastor, so in my line of work, I meet a lot of single moms who are doing the absolute best they can to raise their kids into godly young men and women. I see other married moms who are the singular spiritual leader in their homes. Moms, in our culture, have carried an unfair...
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Why My Wife Worries About Me

This week, Pastor Pete Wilson’s name is coming up on newsfeeds after he stepped down as Pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville. Pete’s a great guy and handled his resignation in a positive way. He stepped down, primarily because of exhaustion and burnout. He’s tired. He’s broken. He’s not okay. But he is in...
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Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She’ll Fix My Lust Problem

I saw a pornographic magazine for the first time when I was in the fifth grade. A friend’s Dad worked for the company that printed the industry’s leading periodical at the time and had a massive collection at home. So we attempted to educate ourselves in human sexuality entirely apart from parental direction or biblical principles....
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In the Ring, Never Give Up

My wife is so much smarter than me, especially when it comes to relational and emotional issues. She joined me for this message and we shared some pieces of our own marriage struggle as we taught biblical truth about how to stay married for the long haul.
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Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She Just ‘Gets’ Me

One of the more entertaining things I’ve gotten to do as a pastor for twenty years is to give counsel to engaged couples about their upcoming life together as a married couple. I say that it’s entertaining because, while I’m trying to give advice to prepare them for the blessed-but-broken road ahead, they usually have...
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Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She Will Solve My Identity Crisis

We got married in a fever… hotter than a pepper sprout… Johnny Cash was a pretty great poet! And in his song about going to Jackson, he points out the way a lot of us got married. We didn’t have all the knowledge or experience we needed going in. How could we? We hadn’t been...
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