Here, I write about things – usually Scriptures – that have moved me, so they might move you too.

God Will Find You In the Gutter, And Take You Somewhere Else

Jesus met with Nicodemus in the night, a relationally broken woman at a Samaritan well, and Matthew at a party thrown for tax collectors. He befriended prostitutes, recruited zealots, and pronounced forgiveness for known adulterers. God, in Christ, has definitely demonstrated his willingness to go to the gutters of society to change the lives of...
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In Life: Aim Small, Miss Small

In the Mel Gibson classic, The Patriot, Benjamin Martin shares a word of instruction with his sons about shooting: “Aim small, miss small.” In other words, don’t just shoot aimlessly. Zero in on a single point and even if you miss, you’ll hit something vital very near the mark. I get it. When I was a fairly young...
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Life: It’s STILL Not About You

Over a decade ago, Pastor Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life, which went viral and global. I still give it away all the time as a basic primer on life as God intended it to be lived. And this best-selling book starts with a single line that polarizes and leaves no room for negotiation...
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Just Remember Who Is Really God, and Who God Really Is

When you read the book of Exodus, you’re reading the story of a God who is determined to free his people from bondage and slavery. No matter how hard the Egyptians fight, no matter how much the Israelites misunderstand God’s motives, and no matter how long the journey ahead might seem, God keeps on working...
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What Is It That Breaks Your Heart?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was so moved by the plight of black people in America that he gave his life leading a civil rights movement. Mother Teresa was so crushed by the poverty she saw in Calcutta that she spent her life there ministering to the poor. John Knox was so burdened for the souls...
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The Danger of the Slow Drift

Angie and I once took a youth group on a trip that included rafting down the Meramec River in southern Missouri. Rafting sounds peaceful enough, and the Meramec is a pretty gentle river in most places, but there came a moment we knew we were in trouble. In a bend in the river, our raft...
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