Tre9 (Bobby Herring) Needs a Permit to Feed the Homeless

I met “Tre9” on a trip to Houston back in the fall and we’ve communicated now and then about ministry. He has an awesome ministry not only to homeless people, but Hip Hop Hope, which uses Hip Hop, rap, and dance to reach out to the inner city of Houston with the gospel.

They also love homeless people, and there are 10,000 in Houston waiting to be fed. So Bobby (Tre9) and Amanda go downtown each night to the Fifth Ward to feed them – that is, until the police showed up with a city official and asked them to stop. Here’s the letter Bobby sent out explaining the situation along with some links to national news sources who have covered the story…

Dear friends,

My wife and I need your prayers. The city of Houston will no longer allow us to feed our homeless friends in downtown Houston. It has been almost 16 days since two police officers and a park ranger showed up one evening and said we would need a Health permit to continue. As a result, the news has been in a frenzy around this. From the Houston Chronicle story published today, that has lead to us being contacted and interviewed by Channel 13 news (Houston), Atlanta, The Michael Garfield Show on 950AM, and the story was published on the Drudge Report which is where the national conservative media draws stories from. Amanda was interviewed last night on FOX National News and it will air every hour starting at noon today. We had no idea this was going to happen, but we are in prayer to seek God’s wisdom in all of this. Our goal is not to make this an “us vs. the city of Houston” ordeal, but now that all of this has started, we are realizing God wants us to stand firm.

All we ask is that you pray that we would be represented accurately in the media, that God would keep us humble, and that He would continue to give us the words to say in all the interviews. Aside from all the issues with the City of Houston, our focus is to be remain Christ-like with a genuine love and concern for people, nothing less. I’ll admit today was exhausting with all the interviews, emails and phone calls. I’d encourage you to catch the story on Fox National News sometime today. However, if you would rather read about the story, we have found this one by Atlanta to be the most thorough click here. For a video of the story form Channel 13 ABC, click here. I have also listed links below to all of the stories that have been published. The comments are pretty interesting on all of them.

It will be very interesting to see how all this ends up, but our prayers are that all Feed A Friend volunteers and us will be downtown doing what we love to do. We miss our friends and they miss us too. For those of you who have donated to help us acquire a health permit, God bless you. It has been enough to cover a couple of months minimum if we purchase the $17 per day temporary food permit. We will definitely use it for Feed A Friend’s return to serving.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers.


Bobby “Tre9” and Amanda Herring

Eyes On Me Inc

ABC Channel 13 News (Video)

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Some internet show, Regular Guy Rant

Glen Beck (This one even embedded a Hip Hop Hope video)

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Bobby “Tre9” Herring

I can wholeheartedly say that if you feel led to help or support the Herrings in some way, you’d be helping two sold out servants whom God is using in amazing ways. Reach them by email and show your support.

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