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This Might Be a Good Time to Publish Your EBook

Or eBook, or Ebook, or however you’d like to spell it. eBooks are on the rise. The invention of the internet (thanks Al) has leveled the playing field and has changed everything. I comment about this all the time, so I’ll just show off this pretty graphic (hat tip to The Next Web).

eBooks Are On the Rise

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  1. This is an excellent idea…. our homeschool group just finished Nanowrimo. This might be the plan! Thanks

  2. oops I was trying to say HI

    I found you on twitter=)


  3. i think i just read that amazon’s kindle books have surpassed their paperback offerings in sales. this is huge. i wonder if more books/ebooks means each book becomes less valuable though. but i guess that shouldn’t stop us from creating great stuff.

    • That’s a point many people try to make, but we have libraries full of useless printed books collecting dust. The same will be true of ebooks. The ease of publication will proliferate us with poor quality material, but the good stuff will always find a way to rise to the top.

  4. I did finally re-post to my blog and sent out the word to many Nanowrimo folks…

    Here it is =)–nanowrimo-or-not.aspx

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