This weekend, The Natures performed at Saddleback. Pastor Rick preached on The Word of Forgiveness, a sermon he intended to preach as part of his “Seven Words from the Cross” series leading up to Easter, but was unable to do so then. It was a message of forgiveness from the guilt of sin.

The Natures sang their song Come On and Celebrate which includes the lyric “Jesus done washed my sins away.” Don’t judge the music by the grammar – their style is modern folk, earthy, and energetic. They brought the message of the cross to life in a great way.

The Natures

I gather, from the website, that they’re just getting off the ground, and I hope they go far. I loved their sound. Being from Kentucky, I enjoyed the slightly bluegrassy, folksy feel. Being in California, I could appreciate the earthiness of it. Their music is an excellent mix of the two.

After the service, we bought their CD – 5 songs for $5 and played it on the way home. Good stuff! You should buy it too over at their website. And perhaps you might even consider having them perform at your church or some other venue near you.

And thank God, “Jesus done washed my sins away!”

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