Sending Some Relief to Haiti

I wanted to wait to post about this tragedy until I had two big pieces of information to pass along. One is that a Pastor we know well named Francois Norcilus was in Port-au-Prince to attend a funeral when the earthquake hit. We have finally gotten word from his son that he is alright, but tells us the situation there worsens by the hour.

I also wanted to pass along some information from a relief organization we work with called Aid for Developing Countries. I just got this email from Bill Moore…


I am sending out a call for help. We are putting a team together to go to Haiti as soon as we can. This event is changing (for the worse) by the hour. Many people are asking me what can be done. So many that I am no longer tracking the number of calls we are handling but it is heavy. What I can tell you now will be different soon. However, we have heard from some of our partners and we have offers of everything from satellite phones to medical clinics. Water and food will be the most important resource that we can provide. Renita, and I should have a team of people put together by Thursday to go to Port Au Prince. The most important resource that we can have now is money. I do not say this to be crass, but we may have to purchase items where we can when needed. We will have to make these decisions on the fly.

From our previous mission trips, we have a lot of friends in country that we will rely upon as we arrive. I have had limited contact, but as they get more communications we will be able to check on our associates. Please be in prayer for Bro. Francois Norcilus, our local missionary. He has not been located yet. (note above) Jean Claude, his family, Emanuell Samuel, Theodore Trusaunt, and many others that we have not heard from. Right now search and rescue is paramount, but we will soon have to deal with the dead and living. PLEASE keep these in your prayers. I will try to keep you informed as often as I can. Please feel free to pass this along to as many people that you know.

May God give strength to those in the field.

Bill Moore, President,
Aid for Developing Countries
A 501 (c) (3) Public Charity
EIN # 26-0483101

Send donations to:
502 Northeast A St
Bentonville, AR 72712

Contact AFDC
Fax: 479-927-2459
Email: or

Bill has led at least a dozen mission trips there and his relief organization currently works toward providing cleaner water in some of the more remote areas. I know Bill – he’s a member of my church and I’m on the Board of this organization, so I tell you without a doubt that it’s a trustworthy way to support people who are going there to meet huge needs head on.

Pray for their team as they try to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Give if you can by sending donations to the address above. And help spread the word!

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