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Racism is Every Christian’s Problem

There are Baptist churches today in America who don’t want African-Americans attending, much less joining. It’s been said that Sunday morning at 11:00 is the most segregated hour in America. I was once confronted by a Deacon who was upset that I had chosen a bulletin cover that featured a group of African children on the cover… for “World Missions Sunday.” This is a problem.

Some point back to Genesis when Noah pronounced a curse of slavery upon his grandson, Canaan, who was the ancient ancestor of the African people. Hogwash! Noah was drunk and disgracing himself. Since when does God bind Himself to obey the rantings of an angry drunken man?

The reality is that racism is a problem for every Christian. I’ll tell you why. This life is preparation for eternity. Enjoy God here and you’ll enjoy Him even more forever. Enjoy the things that God loves here and you’ll enjoy the things of God for eternity.

Scripture tells us that John caught a heavenly vision in which there was the singing of humanity toward God…

“… for thou wast slain, and has redeemed us to God by thy blood, out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;” ~ Revelation 5:9

So let me be blunt – if you don’t like people of other races here, your enjoyment of heaven will be severely limited and your eternal rewards cut short. God’s family isn’t colorless, it’s multi-colored, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Me? I look forward to the awesome diversity of heaven. I can’t wait to learn 1,000 other dialects in which to praise God (personally, I believe we’ll have a diversity of languages, but I could be wrong). I can’t wait to join arm in arm with brothers and sisters from every people group on earth and praise the God who created us all and offers redemption for us all through the blood of His very own Son.

I’ve been reading other articles about Martin Luther King, Jr. this morning and wanted to pass along some links to them…

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  1. I don’t know if there will be different languages in heaven. I kind of hope not because, language being so imperfect, it often leads to misunderstanding. I’m hoping for a single, pure language that is less prone to problems. :)

    In addition, I don’t know if we’ll have race or other physical differences. I’m a redhead. Will I be in the afterlife? I don’t know, but I’m telling you I sure hope I’ll get rid of my propensity to sunburn! :)

    But none of that really matters to me now. We are to love all God’s children. Period.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Business Ethics: Helping Others is Good All the Way Around =-.

  2. Great post, Brandon. We have all seen the ugly face of racism. I have witnessed the ‘wrong color people syndrome’ on flyers, websites, and bulletins for Churches, too. It’s not about black, white, or other. Matter of fact, on job applications, they should make an amendment: Red. The only color we should see is the red from the result of Christ’s shed blood. Thanks for the reminder.
    .-= Karsten´s last blog ..Can God Trust You with Trouble – They Never Knew =-.

  3. Great post! I can’t wait for the diversity of heaven either. And thanks for pointing people toward my post.
    .-= Stephanie Wetzel´s last blog ..So much more than a day off =-.

  4. Brad Harris says:

    I am encouraged to see someone put voice to a disappointment I see across our churches in America. I too embrace the every tongue, tribe, nation, and people picture and would like to see our churches model this for the world to see. Culture is a tricky obstacle to bridge even in our society, but I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to cross the culture barrier in church.

  5. Racism is everybodies problem. Not just christians or muslims or any other religion. It’s a society problem.

    • 100% agreed. It’s a human problem. In the context, I was addressing Christians who attempt to escape their responsibility. Racism is wrong, period. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ hightens the responsibility even more. In other words, we claim to be followers of the One who died to level the playing field for every race and gender, so we should know better.

  6. What a shame that these days still exist people who classify people based on a such arbitrary characteristic like skin color.
    .-= Nathan Rodriguez´s last blog ..Seguro de Transporte =-.

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