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Obama’s Speech to School Children

Today, President Barak Obama addressed public school kids across America. The video…

Personally, I liked the speech, and so did Laura Bush, for what it’s worth. The message was general enough to be fairly non-political in nature, but did give a great challenge to kids to stay in school and work hard.

I’m not concerned that the President addressed kids and I’m not concerned about anything he said. My only concern at all is much more of a general thought about how much government, and any particular administration influences the future of America with such direct access to children. When government is good, I’m glad that kids get such exposure. But when government is not so good, I worry about the power of such influence.

I’ll have to reserve judgment on whether this is a good practice down the road until we get down the road. All I can say is that I liked the speech – it was good. I also feel good about the fact that my own daughter gets the same message reinforced at home, which is the backbone of any good life education.

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  1. It’s a good speech and we can see Mr. President is trying to encourage the kids to staying in school and getting up with more education. What’s wrong of that?

  2. I don't think anyone had a problem with the final speech. people had a problem with Obama-centered lesson plans that went with it, and the fact that the speech was changed (as a result of public scrutiny) before it was presented. People who expressed these concerns were painted as Obama-haters, using the final harmless speech as the basis for that. They were not opposed to the final speech content. This has been falsely portrayed.

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