Living In the Tech Cloud

My seven-year-old daughter will never have known her parents to be without cell phones or laptops. She had a computer lab at her preschool. We rent movies from a red box – like buying a soda. And she’s convinced her daddy made Twitter, whatever that is.

Welcome to life in the cloud. This is the new context of our culture. We don’t just experience life through newspapers and television reports. We all live in the stream and flow of information and technology that never stops and it affects everyone, whether we’re ready or not.

Seth Godin pointed this out in his blog today about the end of dumb software. The examples he gives are pretty eye-opening about the differences between old technology (which is what I really grew up with) and the cloud we live in today.

In the 90’s, we were beginning to see that the internet was like a “superhighway” or a stream. Dip in for a sip when you want to research something, or buy something, or maybe write a blog if you were one of those weird blogger-types. But a cloud? You don’t escape it. You breathe it. In fact, you begin to think it’s necessary.

It makes me wonder how the cloud will change our approach to communication, to shaping culture, and to contributing to the lives of others. Online doesn’t seem so weird anymore. It’s where people are gathering. Just a thought from one cloudy mind.

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