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John Piper On Rick Warren

I appreciate John Piper. I’m not a Calvinist, but I love Piper’s emphasis on the supremacy of God in all things. If you disagree with the supremacy of God in all things, what’s the alternative that you espouse?

I appreciate Rick Warren. I love that he wants the world reached for Christ, touched, and changed.

I think it annoys Jesus how we group up in camps. Enough said…

John Piper is inviting Rick Warren to speak at this year’s Desiring God Conference. Many campgrounds are all a mess – people are stressing. So here’s what John Piper had to say about Rick Warren’s theology (and I love this video)…

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  1. I agree that it annoys Jesus how we group into camps. With the true enemy that needs to be fought, I'm not sure why we spend so much time in the church infighting. Then we wonder why the world sees us as irrelevant.

    The comments on the video are quite interesting. Some of them make a good point about what Pastor Rick espouses that he believes, and he doesn't always line up with what he preaches. Others are just annoyed because it is Rick Warren. It's not like John Piper is asking Pastor Rick to replace him in the pulpit while he is on leave. There are very few people within the Evangelical church that have the global perspective that Rick Warren does, so I think that he will bring an interesting perspective to the conference.

    Would I attend Saddleback on a regular basis? Probably not, but the same can be said for Saint Andrews Chapel. That being said, I would have no problem attending a conference to hear both the perspective of Rick Warren and R.C. Sproul in the same place.
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  2. Kerrie Smith says:

    Very interesting video indeed. Well covered. Thanks for sharing John Piper's light of things with us as well. I'm not a Calvinist myself, but how can people say they believe in God if they do not believe in his supremacy? Let's all pray that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

  3. Brandon,

    I'm a Calvinist and a big fan of Piper. I'm not a big fan of Rick Warren, but there are some things I appreciate about him. Honestly, I'm a bit dismayed by this video. What concerns me is not that Piper invited Warren to be a part of his conference. He is free to invite anyone he chooses, and this isn't the first time he's invited a controversial speaker. The distressing thing about all of this is Piper's reasoning. He makes Rick Warren sound like a moderate Calvinist, but nothing I've seen in Warren's theology or methodology reflects this.

    You honestly state that you are not a Calvinist. I respect that. Others honestly state that they are Calvinists. I respect that. But John Piper painting Rick Warren as near-Calvinist? I'm choking on that one. I can't wait to hear what he says at this conference.


    Derek Ashton

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