I Think It’s Time To Be Concerned

I’m deeply concerned. Jesus made a bold statement once about the influence of believers when He said, “If the salt loses its savor, it is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under the foot of men.” I’ve just finished reading an article by Al Mohler that gives an articulate voice to a rising concern within Christianity – are we losing our savor?

The basic conclusion of recent studies shows that New England is now the most post-Christian region of the country, yet the region is the very gateway through which Christianity began its influence in the new world. The face of America is changing rapidly. Christianity is, in essence, shrinking. At best, it is atrophying.

I agree strongly with Dr. Mohler’s conclusion, that we should be less concerned with cultural influence and far more concerned about evangelism. Further, there is no need for gloom since Christ reigns well, but there is cause for concern, and that is exactly what I feel.

I am deeply concerned that so many millions of people are a little more distant from the gospel than ever before. I’m concerned that the modern church responds with a desperate scramble to seem relevant while watering down the very essence of the saving gospel so desperately needed by our nation. I’m concerned about the cultural effects in which my own child will be growing up. I’m concerned about the probability of a growing tide of persecution in a nation weary of conservative Christian values. But I’m most concerned about that next lost person who won’t be reached if we aren’t concerned enough to speak the gospel in love in Jesus’ name.

I don’t have all the answers. I do have some commitments, however, that I know are important for us to keep in these challenging times. Out of a sense of urgency and compassion, we must have a renewed commitment to sharing the biblical gospel so as to influence men and women to embrace Jesus as Savior. I’m convinced there are some very simple and logical beginning steps…

  • Pray. Pray for God to be glorified, the church to be repentant and revived, and the lost to be saved.
  • Preach. Preach the truth – all of it. The whole counsel of God includes heaven and hell, judgment and redemption, sin and salvation, grace, mercy, and peace.
  • Lead. If we truly believe that Christianity ought to be the conscience of the nation, then we ought to step out, not in angry, fist-waving condemnation but in broken-hearted, compassion-saturated service.
  • Live. Live of the gospel and represent Scripture with integrity and consistency.
  • Go. The Great Commission doesn’t change in response to our surrounding circumstances. We’re still commanded to pursue every people group with the message of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.
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