When We Disagree, We Should Declare…


VictoryThere are a few options here, but typically we fall to either declaring war or declaring love for those with whom we disagree.

Some causes are worth fighting for and many issues demand a debate, but when Christians choose the wrong battles, it gives the distinct impression it’s an “us vs. them” situation. The better alternative is “us FOR them.” That is, us laying down our self-interests and even our very lives for those with whom we disagree, and especially for those who simply have not yet come to believe in Jesus.

Jesus radically flips our values with such declarations as “turn the other cheek” and “pray for your enemies.” I tend to believe that this results from the divinely immutable truth that those of us who believe in Jesus are winners, no matter what. We’re fighting battles in a war that is already won as far as eternity is concerned.

So since we know the outcome of the contest, perhaps instead of continuing to assault the other side, we should spend our time freely and enthusiastically recruiting people over to the winning side.

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