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Did An Earthquake Happen Because God Was Mad?

This may sound like the question of a child, but it’s a question that is on the hearts of millions of adults. I don’t understand God’s ways – they are above mine, so I don’t presume to have all the answers. But thankfully Jesus once addressed a group of people who had a similar accusation, so I wanted to record my thoughts about this big question.

Here’s a YouTube Link to Did An Earthquake Happen Because God Was Mad?

Many are likely to disagree with me one way or another. Please feel free to do so in the comments, but I would ask that you remain particularly sensitive as so many have lost loved ones in this terrible disaster.

And while we’re at it, you must read Al Mohler’s post from last night, Does God Hate Haiti? as well as Brad Harmon’s post, Where Was God When Haiti Shook?

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  1. Kimberley Ross says:

    Wow, Thank you for that refreshing and uplifting point of view! It made me look deeper into myself and I hope that it does the same for others.

  2. Brandon,

    Isn't it amazing how God gives us such great passages that still help us put situations such as Haiti in focus almost 2,000 years later? How small we try to make God when we refuse to let Him speak for Himself. I wish the news media would have picked up your comments instead. Thanks for the proper perspective.

    .-= Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Where was God when Haiti Shook? =-.

    • Well Brad, that's how the media handles things. I'm from Kentucky and when a tornado would touch down, the news crews always looked for the old crazy lady in a mu-mu and hair curlers to describe the scene for the national media.

      When they want the perspective of Christianity… they go to Pat.

  3. No. The earthquake happened because rocks underground suddenly broke along a fault. This caused a sudden release of energy that then lead to seismic waves that make the ground shake.
    .-= Jeff Flowers´s last blog ..Neil Young singing the ‘Fresh Prince’ theme song =-.

    • Jeff, I agree. In the video I point out that this happened because we live in a sin-cursed world. I don't think we can say God had nothing to do with it since He's the God of all creation. I also don't think we can ever authoritatively assess the motives of God either.

  4. This is along the lines of my response to Brad's post, "Where was God When Haiti Shook?" God gave us free will to make our own choices. Unfortunately, we don't make the right ones, including not repenting. Why we didn't choose to help Haiti before the disaster? Why are they treated as refugees? We need to quit pointing the finger at others and point it at ourselves. (You too, Pat)

    Another point, people are always asking God to send help. He already did. He sent YOU. There are enough resources and riches here on earth, where no one should ever have to live in a poverty society.
    .-= Rita Cartwright´s last blog ..Another Method To Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business =-.

    • Rita, you're very right about that. Haiti has needed our help for a long, long time and there has been a history of the U. S. not being such a great neighbor. This is something to be repented of and now is a great opportunity to start.

  5. Brandon,

    I enjoyed the post and these are questions that many have asked.

    On a lighter note, I'm really glad you are making use of video on your blog. It certainly adds another dimension and lets us get a good look at you. You have a great voice too, it's very calming.

    The new look of the blog is very clean and fresh too. Cheers!
    .-= Ileane´s last blog ..From Screencast to Podcast =-.

    • Haha, thanks for that re-assurance! I hesitated for a long time to do video but am now pretty happy with going ahead.

  6. I feel that this is one of God's ways of bringing us closer together, and putting our differences behind us. Despite the terrible tragedy and the thousands of lives lost in the earthquake, there will be some good that comes out of this. People are learning to be selfless in giving and to unite with one another.

  7. Brandon, that reflects much the same thing I said on Brad's blog. God CAN do these things, but there are other reasons bad things happen to us.

    (1) Bad choices

    (2) Bad choices of others

    (3) Nature taking it's course

    For any of us to proclaim God's actions is presumptuous and inappropriate.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Business Ethics: Helping Others is Good All the Way Around =-.

  8. So very well said, it is all part of the initial ripple and we all need to be reedy for our day.

    Pat Roberts in my eyes has become a tool of Satan.
    .-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..A Plea On Behalf of Haiti =-.

  9. Let me say first that, although I am a follower of Jesus Christ, I am such only because of what Jesus suffered for me and what was in his heart. I don’t expect to GET anything out of his sacrifice for myself. If that happens, wonderful. If not, he still deserves my loyalty.

    On the subject of God’s involvement with disaster, I believe we can make some sort of judgment relative to that.

    Pastor referred to the sin-curse. That seems to bring God into the picture in an unfocused way.

    I believe the Earth and its environment are subject to the tone that man sets upon it, of course.

    However, disasters were happening on the Earth before man walked upon it, and so, even though man now suffers when they occur, the planet being in a living universe, is going to from time to time obey the physical laws of that living universe.

    The only other choice God had was to create a world without seasons, without weather, without tectonic plates that renew and change the configuration of our world.

    Such a dead planet would not have sustained us.

    So, I separate completely the subject of disaster from the topic of God, except for saying that God created a living world to sustain his/her living creatures.

    We walk on a living planet. Venomous snakes and ice ages were here before man was here, so we need to make sure we don’t look to the Bible for every aspect of our stay here.

    Genesis is very brief in terms of what happened at the beginning. We must not read too much into the scriptures relative to the beginning, and how the world was before we arrived.

    When we do that, we get one thousand answers to the same question, as the various branches of the Baptist movement shows us.

    Let’s love Jesus for what was in his heart, and let it go at that.
    .-= Beth Charette´s last blog ..New Product: BRIO 33584 Fire Station Set Wooden Railway Town Building New =-.

    • Beth, thanks for weighing in and sharing your thoughts!

      I must argue that your viewpoint excludes the possibility that Genesis 1 is the inspired Word of God. My question would be, if Genesis 1 isn’t intended to convey literal truth, then how do we have any absolutely perfect source of knowledge about anything to do with God at all?

      I am a firm believer in a literal, six-day creation as recorded in Genesis 1. While I don’t care to use this comment area to detail all of my reasons for believing this, I do believe it’s the best understanding of the first chapter of Genesis. And Genesis 1 (along with the rest of the Scriptures) do present to us a “he” as God.

      Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to believe or reject the Bible as the perfect Word of God, without error even in Genesis 1, but if you reject it as perfect, how can you be sure that any of it is true in the least?

      Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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