What I Do

I’ve helped dozens of organizations, ministries, and individuals develop a strong brand identity and a comprehensive communications strategy through web and print design and social web interactivity.

In more simple terms, I design logos, develop websites, and spend time with churches and organizations helping them navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and communications. I think through marketing strategies. I set up social media profiles and integrate them with other elements. I build brands and help people tell their stories well.

My Experience

I’ve been designing for the web since 1998 and have helped dozens of churches, businesses, and individuals with their branding, design, and communication needs. I am a Pastor, Editor of Pastors.com, and Community Facilitator on the Communications Team of Saddleback Church, a role that afforded me the opportunity to train Saddleback’s staff in the effective use of social media as well as re-launching one of the world’s largest online communities of church leaders.

My Design Philosophy

I always attempt to balance aesthetics, content, and functionality. I advocate for the user and attempt to design everything with user interactions in mind. My role is to help you communicate your vital messages clearly and convincingly. I believe in the motto, “excellence in all things, and all things to the glory of God.”

MusicStrong Logo

MusicStrong is an organization that helps people with injuries and disabilities to recover by learning music and musical instruments. They needed a simple logo that would convey this basic mission.

Grace Hills Church

I designed the Grace Hills Church website with meticulous care, not only for its appearance and aesthetics, but even more with concern to what the site would communicate about the church – its vision, its values, and its culture.

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