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You Can't NOT Have A Blog

The internet is all abuzz with fervent opinions about the “death of blogging” article in last month’s Wired magazine. Whether you feel blogging is alive and well or yesterday’s news, the Republican party is taking notice! John over at Human 3rror has written a pretty cool blog post about the different approaches of Democrats and Republicans to the use of the internet in political campaigns.

Everybody can see that social networking made an enormous difference in the outcome of this election, and every business, church, marketer, or potential blogger must sit up and take notice. What I learned is that you almost can’t NOT have a blog and survive it today’s economy.

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  • Sam McDonald

    I find this very interesting. I wonder what well happen as the younger generation, my generation, gets more involved in the business world. I currently see companies with a terrible web presence get a lot of financing from people who think they have a good idea.

    I must wonder what will when those investors come from our generation.

  • Lee

    Interesting article. It will always be true in my opinion that no matter what the vehicle dejur is that good content will always be the backbone. If you have quality content you win.