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Why Not Start Blogging Today?

Blogging is an artform. It’s a powerful tool of influence for communicating ideas, and I think as social media changes and fluctuates, blogging will remain a consistently growing force as the source of most of the content people are sharing across the web. So why not jump in?

There are a few people out there who are definitely doing things right. I had recently mentioned Nicholas Cardot’s new book on blogging (to which I contributed a chapter) called Blogging to the Third Power (aff link). But today I discovered another really great resource, Start Blogging Today (aff link).

It’s a weekly coaching and training course offering all the basics of blogging (design, seo, writing, monetization strategies, etc.) and the bloggers involved with the project have a lot to offer. Three in particular stand out in my mind as great models of successful blogging: John Hayden, Danny Brown, and Michael Martine. You couldn’t ask for better coaches!

Whether you grab a book, a course, or just wing it with a little blogging help, get started blogging today!

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