Why I Like Sharing Things on Google Buzz


I recently wrote an article for bloggers about whether or not we can afford to ignore Google Buzz. Since writing that article shortly after Buzz’s public release, I’ve really come to value certain aspects of it as a sharing platform.

When you “tweet” a link, you’re just throwing a link out there, but Buzz (along with Facebook as a sharing platform and a few others) allows you to do a little something extra – share it with a note. For example, in my screenshot above, Michael Hyatt wanted to share a Kindle-related article.

Michael had a couple of options for how to share it on Buzz, but one way is to use the Note in Reader browser bookmarklet. Not only is this easy, but there are also two things I really like about this kind of sharing. One is the personal branding – it’s shared by Michael with his photo there. Second is the note Michael made about it. Sharing a link is easy, but giving your opinion on it, or at least telling me why I should read, is far more powerful.

This is what content-sharing should really look like.

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