The Anatomy of An Effective Landing Page

Landing pages (or minisites) are one of the most effective ways to sell a single product. You might use social media, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing to drive traffic to your landing page, but the landing page itself is where the conversion happens… or doesn’t, depending on how effectively you’ve designed it to be.

The Anatomy of An Effective Landing PageI wanted to take the landing page of a great product, Build a Successful Blog Business, and examine it piece by piece to see why it’s such an effective weapon in the hands of a marketer. You could say that this particular product’s page has an unfair advantage in that it’s produced by such a large and established company, but I don’t see anything about their marketing tactics that can’t be emulated by the lone ranger marketer. So what makes this landing page so effective? Here are my observations.

Awesome Design

Yep, Collis Ta’eed has done a pretty great job building an entire company of people obsessed with good, clean design. The typography fits in a modern context well. The images pop. The color choices are right on target, especially for the difficult-to-do-well light on dark look. But design is always more than graphics. So it isn’t just that it looks slick, it’s that certain principles of information design have been respected, namely the principle of using whitespace to separate pieces of content in the reader’s eyes.

Whitespace? On a dark background design? If you think whitespace is white space, think again. Whitespace refers to the area where nothing exists except empty space so that visual padding gets created between elements. In short, don’t cram things together – give the eyes plenty of room to roam.

Clear Explanation of Content

If you have any questions about what Build a Successful Blog Business is about, you didn’t read the page. The description is quite thorough, unlike plenty of mystery-shopper deals spread around the net:

You know from the description that the book includes stats, graphs, tips, case studies, and a wealth of wisdom from someone who has been very successful at the subject material of the book.

Credible Testimonials

If you’ve been around the blogosphere at all, you know who Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak, and Daniel Scocco are. They have all been successful bloggers themselves and are hailing the book as a “yep, that’s how I did it” kind of endorsement. That’s powerful.

About the Author

Collis Ta’eed is a strong personal brand. His name is known quite well among business bloggers, but even if it weren’t, having his face and biography on the site would go a long way in selling the product. We trust faces more than logos, stories more than details, and testimonials more than promises. People follow people and they buy from people.

Clear Calls to Action

The reader is invited twice during the scrolling pitch to make a purchase. Many people will be convinced after the first couple of sections and others will read all the way to the bottom. Either way, a purchase can be initiated without scrolling back up. And the call to action (to purchase) is big, bold, and clear without any other distracting, clickable objects nearby.

Open to Critique

This product is wide open to the critique of the social web. Anyone on Facebook can leave a comment. This is a bit scary and risky, but it further contributes to the authenticity and trust out of which the product is being sold.

There are several ways in which this particular landing page is atypical and set apart from the norm. The call to action is below the fold, there are clickable links to the people who offered testimonies, and there are no scare tactics employed (only 300 124 3 spots left!). Further, if you close the window, it closes without an exit popup. Collis must understand that trust matters more than anything else and that you might just want to think about the purchase before signing the dotted line.

There are plenty of other approaches that also work for effective landing pages, but these six tips are vitally important. What did I miss? What have you found to be an effective tactic to employ on a landing page?

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