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That's Why They Call It the Web

Someone does something cool and talks about it. It gets talked about by other circles of casual observers. It gets included in a list of great things done by different people out there who are all doing great things. The list of great things done by those people gets talked about by people who like lists of great things done by people out there. That list gets talked about on a whole list of outlets made for publishing lists of lists of great things done by people out there.

We could complain that there are too many lists. We could even get jealous when we aren’t recognized as one of the great people doing great things. Or… we could recognize that the web is a web. It’s impartial and fair to everyone. It’s a bit social, made by people, and therefore imperfect, but it’s kind of nice compared to the absence of a web.

A bit confusing? That’s why they call it the web.

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