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Spread the News through Social Media

News flash: news spreads faster through a crowd than to a crowd. If you want to break news, whisper it into an ear and see what happens. If there is a positive word that describes our age, it’s community. Seth Godin knows this. Chris Brogan understands it. Motrin learned it the hard way. People talk.

The bad news is, people aren’t always accurate. Remember that game where we whispered something in an ear then let it travel around the circle? The story at the end was always rather embellished. We have, however, figured this out enough that we’ve become one of the most discerning and skpetical societies in history.

What are the advantages of engaging people through social media?

  • Connecting with disconnected people.
  • Immediate and bold feedback.
  • Marketing of the viral variety.
  • Popularity, re-distributed.
  • Profit for the good of all, not for the sake of self.

I know these are abstract ideas, so here’s a more practical way to approach social media…

  • Get a Facebook account.
  • Tweet on Twitter, and learn the rules.
  • Read, comment, and discuss.
  • Offer, give, share.
  • Don’t stress out – you can’t rule every network.

Will you succeed in this new arena? It’s really not up to you, it’s up to the crowd. But the crowd just might listen if what you whisper is worthy.

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  1. Amen man. True. I just do whatever it is I do and if it spreads it spreads, but I never stop using my networks to spread news. That’s probably why my site is 2nd and 3rd on google if you search for my name. Pretty sweet eh?

  2. Yes, and that brings up another good point – get Google (it’s about reputation management), or else. I’d be up there with you if it weren’t for a well-known southpaw quarterback who played for Auburn!

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