I’ve just written about a trend that the church absolutely cannot miss. We have a tendency to show up a decade late on some of the best tools available for reaching our communities, but we can’t miss social CRM. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The implications of CRM for the church are fairly obvious. We have people in our communities whom we’d like to reach – new movers, recent visitors, friends of members who come to our attention. But another, more recent development, has shifted our focus just a bit. The rise of social networking platforms and social media has allowed us to forge new kinds of relationships with new people whom we haven’t reached before. Social media has expanded our reach and influence beyond the boundaries of our communities and it’s provided access to the personal lives of people in a way never possible before.

These two concepts are currently colliding. In our present culture, there are those who still want to broadcast to the database via the CRM, and others who want to focus on more personal, authentic, permission-based communication via the social web. Somewhere in the middle, an important development is about to become one of the most important trends the business world has seen – the rise of the social CRM.

So to find out what in the world I’m talking about, go read Hey Church, Don’t Miss the Social CRM Wave via MediaSalt.

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