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I’m Moving from Hostgator to Lunarpages

I’ve been hosting several dozen sites (a few for me, most for clients and friends) with Hostgator for almost three years, and until recently, things have worked quite well. I would still recommend them as a reliable company to host with, especially for starting or shared hosting packages.

Recently I started experiencing problems with which Hostgator’s support team was unable to help. They are operating under the assumption that the problem is on my end, and I’m of just the opposite opinion. The problem is, I have no idea who is right. I just know that things were being changed on the backend that suddenly required ftp passwords for updating WordPress plugins and the inability for WordPress to scale uploaded images. My CPU usage kept maxing out, effectively shutting the server down.

It was the CPU problem that kept me busy for a solid week just trying to restart the server repeatedly while emailing support about a dozen times. After changing scripts, increasing limits, and moving things around, the problem kept occurring. So I decided to jump in a bit deeper and lease a dedicated server. I scouted around and asked questions and finally discovered Lunarpages Hosting (aff).

I’ve spent about four weeks now moving sites over one at a time to give each a fresh install of WordPress and a nice clean database setup. Thus far, I’m quite pleased. The Lunarpages sales representative was extremely helpful and even threw in an extra gigabyte of RAM, since that was one of my bigger concerns. I learned that the company is headquartered in Irvine, California, about ten minutes from my house (Irvine is also the home of their newest datacenter). Their support team had my server ready in about four hours and after a half dozen emails back and forth over the next few hours, we had it all fully optimized for WordPress installs. They also responded to something I said on Twitter, which is always a perk. After three full weeks, it’s humming along quite nicely.

If you’re looking for a hosting solution, I can confidently recommend the sales, support, and equipment of Lunarpages Hosting. I host sites for my design clients so that their sites are “close to home,” but if you’re comfortable handling your own hosting issues, give them a shot.

Lunarpages Hosting

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  1. Your site is quite slow to browse now. I wonder if it has anything to do with Lunarpages. Maybe because I am browsing from the East Coast. In any case, it’s annoyingly slow for mostly text pages. Yes, I’m impatient, but how many of your readers would be like me.

    I’ve considered because it’s in the middle of the country. But, they are a little expensive for my purpose. I have been using for 3 years now, which is right here in NJ, but most importantly it’s affordable for me (I now have an i3 box with 4GB RAM). I browsed it when I was in China this last summer and it was faster than reaching your site from here.

    Just so that you know, and you might be able to tweak it for better performance. If the problem is due to their network setup, then you might not have much room to tweak. It could be temporary. I am sure you’ve read the reviews before switching over.

    Blessings to your ministry!

    • Sam, thanks for pointing that out. I’m looking into it now. My various speed tests have shown it loading nicely compared to other sites, but I’m going to look at my Minify and CDN settings. The faster the better.

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