If I Were Implementing a Social Media Strategy For a Ministry, I Would…

Today I’m talking to Saddleback Church’s staff in more general terms (last week it was all about using Twitter) about how to implement social media within their own ministry areas. I love that we’re having this conversation. Rather than expecting a particular team within the church to “handle” communication and media, we’re empowering the masses.

As I turn over some “next steps” here are some of the little notes I jotted down…

  • I would set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter and perhaps a niche network of some kind.
  • I would make sure my branding imagery was as consistent as possible across those platforms.
  • I would recruit volunteers and leaders who are already excited and involved to help.
  • I would write down standards of acceptable communications to be on the safe side.
  • I would develop a strategy, a plan, a list of “to do’s” for posting and responding.
  • I would work hard on forming vital connections with mentors in my area of ministry.
  • I would network with influencers in my area of ministry who might extend my reach.
  • I would creatively promote my next event with more than a simple announcement.
  • I would teach, inspire, and entertain.
  • And above teaching, inspiring, and entertaining, I would listen and learn.

What else? This will probably be expanded for a future post. What did I miss?

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