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I Agree With Phil Cooke – Design Is the Language of This Generation


Yes! Amen! Preach it, brother Phil!! Design is the language of this generation whether we’re ready for it or not. There’s a reason why I’m very passionate about the communication strategies adopted by the church and it is that we have the best content possible – the gospel, but often the worst framing for it!

Listen to what Phil Cooke says…

…today, we live in a design culture, and form has become a critical key to connecting with the public. So while Biblical literacy can never been taken for granted, we now face a new challenge: presenting a message of hope to a generation that’s more visually sophisticated than any generation in history.


Pastors certainly ought to spend time preparing themselves to preach on Sunday. Why then, do we give so little time and energy to the preparation and presentation of our timeless message through other mediums? Why is it that we spit out a list of announcements and call it a bulletin and give no thought to how that piece of communication represents the message of our church to every first-time visitor? Why is it that we throw up cruddy, poorly-planned websites that merely repeat the list of announcements we printed on Sunday (if they’re updated at all)? And why is it that we don’t consider how it all needs to mesh together in a comprehensive, ubiquitous fashion in the lives of the people whom we’re trying to reach and disciple?

I’ll never forget preaching in Russia. There was a moment when I tried to say something to the congregation that didn’t translate. My translator and I spent several moments trying to work out the best way to convey my thinking. Meanwhile, the congregation was left in confusion.

We have a perfect, life-changing gospel. We have the message of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world! Let’s refuse to allow bad translation (poorly-planned and poorly-designed communication) to stop us from getting our message across.

Read Phil’s article and tell him just how smart he is!!

Phil Cooke

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  1. The other day someone asked a very interesting question that is related. We hear about a guy who won many people to the Lord by doing nothing more than standing on the street corner handing out cheap tracts, but today we spend thousands or even millions of dollars on technology only to get fewer conversions than he did. Why are we wasting our money? I’m all for technology and nice design, but we really need to ask ourselves if we’re applying it wisely or if we’re just using it because it’s there.

    • I appreciate your thoughts, but there’s another issue at stake. It isn’t just about evangelism, it’s also about worship. If my preaching, speaking, writing, and singing can glorify God, then cannot my web design work glorify Him also? I don’t think it’s ever a waste of money to find a new way to reach people who would otherwise remain unreached, and it’s never a waste of money to do a thing with excellence to the glory of God.

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