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Follow @Natwivity to Track the Christmas Story on Twitter

You may not be into this kind of thing, but I think it’s actually a cool idea. A group in the UK has set up a Twitter account (@natwivity) and a Facebook page through which they’ll share thoughts from the viewpoint of Joseph, Mary, and others from the story of the birth of Christ.

The Natwivity

That’s a European date format – it starts December 1st.

Some thoughts crossed my mind as I mulled over the concept in my mind. First, I’m glad someone is going to be drawing attention to the biblical narrative of the nativity in this way, and they’re doing a great job communicating with the press, especially in the UK. Second, how creative! Somebody is taking the time to pour a lot of thought and creative energy into this. Third, why don’t we see more creative uses of social media to spread the biblical message?

What do you think?