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Facebook Versus Everything Else

This is a random thought. It’s not backed up with research – it’s just the product of my own hunch about the web. Facebook represents kind of a one world order when it comes to information and socialization. You can live inside of it and not really interact too much with the outside world. You can blog there, comment there, post photos and videos there, and meet new friends and old faces alike. It’s a world.

Then there is the rest of the web, which grows increasingly fragmented with each passing day. I can read a blog post and probably comment on it. Or, I can Amplify It so that others can re-amplify it or so that we can comment on it there. Then the content becomes mine, as well as the conversation, at least while we’re discussing it. From there, I can send the amplified link on to Twitter where it can be retweeted or favorited, or I can post it to another blog with more comments and observations. Then you can share, or amplify, or digg, or comment on my blog post about a retweeted, amplified blog post that has been tumblogged as well.

Ugh. But…

Maybe this is good. Maybe it’s good that we have two kinds of systems, plus plenty of hybrids. Maybe it’s good that everyone has their favorite platforms and that we all travel in slightly different circles. And maybe it’s good that our circles overlap. Maybe that’s just the way the world around us works anyway…

Welcome to the social web, which is really just part of a social world.


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