Don't Just Inform Me, Inspire Me

Remember the good old days when we were talking about the web ushering in the “age of information?” We even called it the “information superhighway.” Now, it’s becoming much more of a social structure all its own, but the information certainly has not decreased. There’s still a ton of it! A century ago, you could barely keep up because of a lack of information sources. Now we have a hard time keeping up because of a plethora of them. So how do you get my attention in the midst of it all? Inspire me!

That’s right – inspire me. Don’t just tell me something, tell it well. Think about how this applies to marketing – don’t just tell the public you’re in business, entice them to come. Don’t just have worship services, get out and touch lives. Don’t just blog about the latest news – bring a fresh perspective.

One question organizations of every type need to be asking is, how do we become distinctively inspiring against the backdrop of information overload? How do we stand out? I’ve read a couple of good quotes lately about this and one said simply “differentiate or die.” I like that.

This is why design matters. It’s why eye contact means something. It’s the reason shared experiences create such a strong bond. Wow me. Give me a reason to buy, subscribe, or visit. We’ve heard the old “show me the money” line, but how about “show me the value.” And value is evidenced only by something inspirational!

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