Content Is Social Media Currency

We’re all tired of hearing how “content is king,” but it’s still the rallying cry of many, many people in the marketing world. The phrase encourages debate between content producers (writers and publishers) and creatives (designers and developers). Is content really king? Or is it usability? the development platform? or the sharable nature of the content?

I’m going to suggest a different line of thought. Content may be king of your world, but I think of it more as currency. It’s like money. Content is what gets spent in the world of data and information. Let me explain what I mean…

Content Is Being Pumped Out en Masse

Governments can print all the money they want, and they destroy the value of that money in the process of printing too much. The web is filled with data and information, and as more and more people realize the ease with which you can publish more of it, the world wide web is becoming an increasingly junky place.

This doesn’t mean some content isn’t valuable, it’s just that instead of having a few people producing great stuff, we have many more producing very similar stuff. The need of the hour is to be more valuable than ever.

What Gets Published Gets Circulated and Spent by Many

When Chris or Seth write something profound, hundreds or thousands of people pass it around. John Doe looks smarter because he pushed the currency Seth printed.

This is why many brands are being built online by people who aren’t really content producers at all – they’re content circulators. This is not a bad thing, it just proves my point. Content is currency. It’s spent over and over.

Great Content Can Buy Important Things

We’re surrounded by needs, so those who leverage content to meet needs gain some pretty important assets such as trust, authority, and relationships. When we’re proven right repetitively, people trust our voice as an authority and they come back for more.

The Challenge

So what do we do with this idea that content is currency? It’s rather simple…

  1. Don’t dismiss the value of great content.
  2. Produce good stuff.
  3. Circulate good stuff.

In other words, the currency of content abounds, so invest it wisely!

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